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We have 2 NEW opportunities to join our Online Mindfulness Retreat Days!

Midwinter Practice 

In the lull between Christmas and New Year, there is the opportunity to rest and replenish with mindful practice days, to return to our internal heart space that is always ready to welcome us home with open arms. Together, in these online retreat days we can practise attending to ourselves with genuine interest, and meeting what’s there with warm-hearted tenderness. We can let go of the accumulated stories and rest in the freshness of the moment. Let’s gently lean into the unfolding flow of embodied experience and allow a nourishing dwelling within.

Cost: £30 per day
Location: Online – 10am – 4pm
27th December 2019
28th December 2019
29th December 2019

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Holding Dear our Humanity

This will be a day of gentle practice to nourish and soothe, offering a peaceful pause in the midst of it all and in the comfort of your own home. We will focus attention on holding our humanity dear and finding wholeness within our imperfection.

We will engage in a variety of self-compassion and body-based practices, both new and familiar, designed to call us towards embracing our humanness. This is time for you, in the knowledge that by replenishing we will be more resourced to be there for others.

This retreat is for

  • Anyone who has already done a training in mindfulness (minimum 8 week course).
  • Those who have caring responsibilities or other extenuating circumstances but still want to remain on the UK Listing of Mindfulness Teachers and need to tot up retreat days.
  • Those who live abroad or in remote places and need ways to connect with a practicing community.

Cost: £30 per day
Location: Online – 10am – 4pm
28th March 2020

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We look forward to practicing with you.

Warm wishes