I think that many of us see many problems and challenges in the world around us: political; social, environmental and economic. And at times there doesn’t seem to be much light on the horizon.

This is what motivates me to teach compassion based mindfulness – it empowers people in their lives to find their way to flourish within these challenges. Especially it is what motivates me to train people to teach mindfulness – every teacher we train can touch hundreds of others with mindfulness and compassion. To me here is the hope – the light on the horizon – even if it takes 50, 100 or as Jon Kabat Zinn said 1000 years before human consciousness evolves into one centred on mindfulness and compassion, rather than the current trend for distractedness and individualism.

Here is a short video about my motivation:

In my practice this week I have been struck once more about how my stories from the past about who I am and what I can do constantly undermine my aspirations for how I want to live now. I see clearly how the best approach is to not buy into these stories any more, let them be and simply stay present now!

I also see clearly how I get stressed out and weighed down with my stories about the future, worrying about what may be and all the work and effort I will have to make. Again, these are just stories I buy into and I can let them be and trust the future to unfold in its own way. I can focus on now and skilfully responding mindfully and with care just now.

Only now – and then all is well!

When I take this approach my experience is that all goes pretty well. I am not limiting the outcomes by interfering and I am more relaxed and joyful. I just need reminding, regularly, as my habit of storytelling is strong!

I want to help others recognise the power of this approach to life.

This motivation, common to my colleagues in the MA, is why we have also this week started a Teacher Membership (for more information click here) to support our trained teachers and enable us all to come together in a community of hope and mutual empowerment. We hope to help our trained teachers in developing their teaching practice by online CPD sessions covering what they feel they need to flourish as teachers. We also want to help their businesses to flourish in a way that is in accord with the values of compassionate mindfulness.

If you share this motivation as a mindfulness teacher come and join us (just log in to membership site and click teacher membership tab in top bar) or as a practitioner, why not train to teach? (Click here for more information on our training pathway).

Then we can all work together in this project of the evolution of consciousness – the human mind is flexible and able to be trained. This is hopeful!

Maybe reflect on this, for a mindful moment as you watch the light on the horizon getting stronger:

Kind Wishes

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