Sometimes, life gives you just what you need, and the other day, this beautiful image of a tree and Malay proverb appeared on my screen.  It was definitely what I needed!!

After leaving my day job of 30+ years at the end of February, my leaves and branches have been shaken and stirred – not in a good way.

I’d made lots of plans for mindfulness teaching projects, and sown lots of seeds, but nothing had come to fruition.

There were also a number of other things in life which just weren’t going my way.  So I felt on very shaky ground.

I’d wake up feeling grumpy and tired, snap at my nearest and dearest, and was generally out of sorts.

I knew this instability was coming.  You can’t make such big changes in your external world as leaving your job without consequences for your inner world.

Having discussed this with a wise friend, she asked “What is the thing you’ll be able to hang on to during this time of disruption?”  Straight-away, my answer was “The Practice”.

After several weeks of feeling seriously out of kilter, I actually remembered to pause, and really listen to what was going on my body. It didn’t feel good!

This wisdom of the body lead me to the realisation that I needed to stop pushing so hard – trying to make things happen – and just stay with the practice.

So when I saw the image of the tree and the words, it really struck home with me.

I often focus on being flexible and this is good.  Sometimes I need to be able to bend when the winds of life blow.

But reflecting on what keeps me grounded and supported has also been really helpful.

Having had one of my “frameworks” taken away in the form of a change of career, the practice has helped me tap into my strong roots.

There is a happy end to this part of my story.

After letting go of the struggle, I now have three mindfulness teaching projects on the go, all with lovely, supportive partners.

Bend with the wind when it’s right, but never forget your roots!

Susan Whitehead

May 2018

Susan in a member of the Mindfulness Association. If you would like to know more about our membership and/or if you would like to join, please visit our membership page.

Susan is also a qualified mindfulness teacher after training with the Mindfulness Association Teacher Training pathway.