Teacher Membership


If you have trained (and been assessed as ready) to teach one of our courses, and you meet the the UK Good Practice Guidelines (GPGs) for Mindfulness Teachers, then we would love for you to join the Mindfulness Association’s Teacher Membership.  You can unsubscribe at any point by mailing info@mindfulnessassociation.net.

Please note that Teacher Membership is an add-on to Practitioner Membership so you must also have Practitioner Membership in order to be a Teacher Member.

Teacher Membership Benefits

  • Teacher members will have all the benefits of being a practitioner member.
  • Teacher members will be listed on MA website as an approved MBLC teacher and will be able to use an approved MBLC teacher logo on their marketing material.
  • Teachers will be able to attend a monthly online CPD session with an MA teacher trainer, on topics to be decided by the teacher membership. This will help to meet ongoing UK Good Practice Guidelines CPD requirements (annual retreat and supervision will also be required).
  • For MBLC courses taking place in the UK, official MA course-completion certificates and ‘What Next?’ leaflets will be sent to teachers to give out to those completing their MBLC courses.

Membership Pledge

On joining the membership and on renewing your annual membership, you agree to the following:

  • I have or intend to have a daily mindfulness practice.
  • I intend to embody mindfulness and compassion as core values in my life.
  • I will to be kind and respectful to the other members of the Membership in my online communications with them.


Teacher Membership costs £24 annually (as an add-on to Practitioner Membership).

Teacher Members area of Membership Site

In addition to all of the Practitioner Member benefits, Teacher Members are provided with the following on the membership site:

  • the ability to engage in online CPD activities
  • the ability to order course-completion certificates for MBLC participants (UK-based teachers only)
  • access to our Teacher Listing which allows teachers to enter their details in to a database that is searchable by members of the public looking for a mindfulness or compassion teacher
  • access to a download page for the Teacher Member logos for use in your marketing materials

How to Join

In order to apply to join as a Teacher Member, you must first become a Practitioner Member – you can apply here.  Once you’re a Practitioner Member, you can log in to the membership area of the site and (if eligible to become a Teacher Member) you will see a ‘Become a Teacher Member’ link in the top navigation bar.