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Tuesday August 24th at 7-8pm

Join Jacky Seery for a soothing and gentle hour long taster session for her new course starting on the 14th September. Mindful Acceptance – Access to Compassion

This course helps us to take a step towards self compassion, as our mindfulness practice deepens, sometimes we notice some things about ourselves we may find difficult, or we may find that our inner critic is having a field day and we don’t feel there’s much we can do about it. But there is. Jacky will lead us through some simple compassion practices which offer us access to the inner resilience we need, a way to offer ourselves some TLC.

This course is for everyone who has not yet completed the Level 2 Compassion Courses. However, Can we ever have enough access to compassion?


The course will begin on Tuesday 14th September at 7 – 8.30pm and will run for 5 weeks.



JOIN TASTER SESSION HERE at 7pm on the 24th August