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FEBRUARY 28th 7-8pm – with Jacky Seery

Mindfulness through Movement? Our bodies can be driven by our heads from a place of autopilot – how often do we truly and deeply check in with our bodies?

Gentle movement with mindful awareness allows us to free ourselves from the grip of the mind, and to really be present within the body and cultivate a positive relationship with it just as it is, with kindness and acceptance.

I often hear the question – what is Mindfulness, what is mindful movement and what is tai chi or qi gong?

This course, Mindfulness through movement -Combines mindfulness practice and movements from the ancient art of qigong and tai chi.

Research tells us that Mindfulness has an Array of benefits for our physical health, psychological wellbeing, and overall flourishing

These include being able to cope with life’s up and down and challenges a little better,

Feeling a little less stressed and anxious, ruminating less, worrying less and coping a little bit better with life.

Qigong and tai chi are ancient movement arts developed – some 5000 years ago, are easy to follow, even seated, and anyone can do them. You don’t need any previous experience.

Research tells us that a regular practice helps to lower to stress and anxiety, increases focus and builds strength in the body balance and flexibility in the body.

Developing awareness of feelings in the body is a key part of mindfulness practice.

The course starts 8th March over 5 weekly evening sessions online. To find out more click here 

To join the FREE taster with the opportunity to meet the tutors, Jacky Seery CLICK HERE 

(It’s the same link as the Daily Guided Meditations).

Jacky Seery