Brand new Online Course: The Stillness of Movement

Starting  May  2017


Within mindfulness training, one of the primary precepts is mindful embodiment: a continual shift towards reconnecting our minds with our bodies, a measured effort to live our lives more holistically from a place where we inhabit the whole of our experience: mind and body.

Stillness and Movement

Formally, when training in mindfulness, we do this through different means: the body scan and mindful movement. However, we also use our body as a place to rest during our sitting practice, often focussing the mind on the physical felt sense of the movement of breath in the body as a support to come home to. Our body becomes a place where we feel and live from the inside out.

Once we begin to live from this place of wholeness, we start to recognize all the ways in which our bodies are communicating with us, we start to become witnesses to the myriad of emotional residue that is present, tensions, excitements, feelings of peace, as well as the effect that out thoughts have on our bodies. Moreover, it is through becoming more familiar with the intimate relationship that exists between the mind and the body that we can start to develop the means and skills to respond to our experience of living in a way that restores and promotes well-being.

This online course will explore the theme of mindful embodiment, both through movement and through stillness. It will be an opportunity to take a fresh new look at mindfulness basics, or for those who are beginners, this is a chance to get a taste of mindfulness practice to see if it’s something that you’re inspired to develop further.

Over a 6 week period, this course will provide you with a series of movement based mindfulness practice videos as well as classic mindfulness sitting practices. These have been created by Mindfulness Association tutors and will each offer a different approach to mindful movement.

If you find sitting still difficult you might find introducing mindful movement into your practice helpful. Many people feel very restless when sitting, while others find their body becomes uncomfortable with pain or tension. A lot of people notice that if they do some mindful movement followed by a bit of mindful sitting their minds settle in a natural way we brings a sense of ease.

Paradoxically, we often find that when practicing mindful movement a profound stillness can be felt, while when we sit in stillness we become aware of all the movement within the mind. We’ll be exploring these two ways of practicing, in order to discover the stillness in movement and the movement in stillness.

  • 5 guided movement videos
  • 1 one to one practice reviews on phone or Skype with an experienced tutor
  • 2 videoed lessons on mindfulness basics recorded especially for this course
  • 2 online tutor groups for sharing experiences
  • Online email support available throughout the course

Course runs from May 23- June 27th 2017

Online Tutor groups May 30th and June 27th at 7pm

Cost: Non Members: £120 Members: £60

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