Team Blogswatering can - weekly challenge - 031019

Welcome to this weeks digest

Well well well, it is now October. How did that happen?

Sitting at my desk this morning, looking at my list of to do’s and assessing priorities and what type of work I have on, I came to the conclusion that I needed to go outside and get some morning daylight.

Gravitating towards nothing on my list and in the moment of realising this, I made the executive decision to go for a little walk. After my short walk, I find myself writing my blog and the fresh air and daylight has worked its magic.

The beautiful thing about work, learning and practice are that we often get a chance to refine and revisit these things. As well as sharing our work and knowledge with others and using it in areas that we could not anticipate.

Well recently, I have been connecting with some of the moments of the Mindfulness Level 1 course that I attended at Samye Ling. In one of the small group sessions, I recall a conversation and making a comment about feeding the mind with “good things”.

I also recall the nourishing and depleting activities section. Identifying what is nourishing and depleting to us, encouraging and allowing more nourishing moments. I have also been reading a book about sleep. We all know how wonderful and nourishing a good nights sleep can be!

Certainly, I understood the rationale behind writing our nourishing and depleting activities down. I got the theory but probably didn’t appreciate that it can be difficult to identify these let alone act. At the time, I probably felt it all a little bit fluffy!

Coming on for what must be 2 years later,  the nourishing and depleting activities lesson, has come back around. There can be obvious activities that I know can nourish and deplete me and the not so obvious.

Some of the not so obvious start to reveal themselves through facing what is difficult, as part of our Mindfulness practice. Depleting habits, little nuances and patterns start to reveal themselves.

Also, I find that some of the most fantastically simple and common sense instincts that I have can be nourishing but are so often lost or overlooked in the day to day.

I am grateful for the small little nourishing walk that I took before starting today’s work and very grateful that the nourishing and depleting activates lesson has come back around!

This Weeks Challenge

For this weeks challenge I am going to work on nourishing activities.

  • How can they be evolved for myself?
  • Can they be evolved with friends and family?
  • What about people that I come into contact with?
  • Maybe nourishing actions can be incorportaed with acttivities in the wider community?

I invite you to the same.

  • What really nourishes you that you haven’t allowed any time for?
  • Is there any work, learning, teachings that you do with others that is mutually beneficial?
  • How can you bring nourishing actions into the wider community?

Warm Wishes

Until next time