In my weekly blog, Heather’s Musings, I write about what has been happening in my life and how I am applying my mindfulness, compassion and insight practice to it. The process of writing the blog is often an opportunity for me to gain more clarity and recognise what is happening and I find it highly beneficial. My wish is that it is also helps other meditation practitioners who are on a similar journey.

The opinions and beliefs that I express in this blog are my own and do not represent the opinion of the Mindfulness Association.


Tonglen in the Hospital

Since the middle of December I have been working as a hospital chaplain, visiting patients who are seriously ill. I have never worked in a hospital before and my main worry was that I would be distressed and not know how to cope with some of the suffering I would encounter. It turns out that…


Fear of Death

The UK Social Attitudes Survey Report on Dying is based on the premise that discussion about and preparation for dying will lead to a ‘good death’ with reduced distress for those involved – the person dying and their family and friends. This report demonstrates a trend towards growing openness to the topic of dying, but…


January Blues

At this time of year, after the festivities of the year end, dark nights and spring being a while away, we can feel a bit low. One way to address this is to spend some time reflecting on activities that raise our mood and activities that lower our mood. Then get a blank piece of…


A New Start?

Often in January we get a sense of a new year, a new start and set some New Years’ resolutions – drink less alcohol, eat more fruit and veg, get more sleep, be more active, etc. Sometimes these resolutions last, but often not. We lapse, relapse and give up. What is becoming clearer from psychological…