Mindful Moments – the day is full of moments, which can be mindful moments, if we could just softly, gently notice… in the spaces between this and that, this breath and this breath…Our September calendar will help you.

It’s not easy to maintain our mindfulness and so we have a supportive prompt for you each day.

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We hope you enjoy our calendar.

If you’d like to try more mindfulness why not join our membership – it’s only £10 for a 6 month trial period, then you could attend our membership weekend for free in October or our Online Daily Mindfulness meditations at 10.30am and 7pm. (Sits are usually half an hour, and you can leave your camera off).

You can download the calendar here:  SEPTEMBER CALENDAR 2023   If you require a black and white version please email us at


Looking ahead to September Courses

1 September : Our MSc Studies in Mindfulness always starts in September. Have a look for next year? 

5 September : Mindfulness For Life Retreat on Holy Isle, Scotland, for long-termers who have completed Mindfulness, Compassion and Insight modules

5 September : Level 3 Mindfulness – INSIGHT : Seeing Deeply Online Tuesday Evenings

8 September : Trauma Informed Mindfulness (Fully Booked – waiting list)

11 September : Mindfulness Meets Mystical Poetry online Monday Evenings

15 September : START MINDFULNESS HERE Mindfulness & Movement Weekend at Samye Ling

22 September : Train to Teach Compassion (Level 3 Teaching) Online

28 September : START MINDFULNESS HERE: Level 1 Online Thursday Evenings

29 September : Train to Teach Mindfulness – Level 1 at Samye Ling


In-Depth Mindfulness • Compassion • Insight • Wisdom • Teacher Training • 2 Post Graduate Master’s Degrees.