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Over years of practicing mindfulness meditation, I’ve seen how apparently stuck emotions can shape-shift, I’ve experienced long term physical pain dissolve in a moment and I’ve watched as my mind reveals extraordinary creative and blissful experiences which restore and bring new vivacity. I’ve also seen how a basic level of wellbeing and appreciation for life can stabilise gradually. On the other-hand I’ve witnessed how ridiculously dysfunctional some of my thinking (and therefore behaviour) can be – creating self-defeating cycles of suffering within me and around me. These then weave apparently seamless realities based on what I tell myself is true, rather than what is really true. What marvellous flawed beings we are!

We spend so much time feeling stuck. We feel as if we are at the mercy of thoughts which circle round our worries and pain. We all have a measure of suffering which is at times hard to bear and much of the time we give ourselves a hard time about it or exacerbate it by digging ourselves into a hole.

Mindfulness practice establishes self-awareness which brings a deep empowerment. It gives us the power to understand ourselves and to inhabit ourselves and our moments in new ways. Do you suspect that there’s more to you than what you know? You are right! After decades of practicing mindfulness meditation I can say without doubt that I have discovered that my mind is more mysterious and more full of possibility and surprise than I could have imagined. On a few occasions I have sat in pure wonder hardly able to believe the transformation I have just witnessed. Self-awareness is our birth right as human beings. Learning mindfulness feels right because it reunites us with our potential.

Fay Adams


Join Fay on a Mindfulness Journey starting Wednesday 27th April from 10-12 for 4 weeks.  Then if you want to continue the journey you can complete the training, which can be the first step in training to teach Mindfulness yourself, or deepen your practice into Compassion.

Here is Fay to tell you more about the course.