Spread the News! We’ve got Apps!

It is with great excitement that we bring you the brand new Mindfulness Association apps that have been developed with the hope of bringing mindfulness one step closer to you!



Not only do the apps provide all of the guided practices for our Level 1: Being Present Mindfulness course (the starting off point for all of our mindfulness and teacher training pathways), and a link to resources on our Mindfulness Association website, but it is also aligned with our Mindfulness Based Living Course (MBLC), acting as a wonderful resource for our trained MBLC teachers and any of their participants who take the course. Participants and practitioners will be able to access the practices anywhere they go from their phone.

The Mindfulness Based Living app is free and can be found on Google Play Store for Android users and the App Store for those using IOS devices. Simply type in the words: Mindfulness Based Living and your choice of practices will be at your fingertips!

For those who have trained as teachers for our MBLC- YA course (our MBLC course for young adults aged 11-18), we also have an MBLC-YA version of our app. You can find this under the name MBLC-YA.

Again, make sure to spread the word! Pass this email on to whoever you might think would like to bring mindfulness more fully into their lives!


Are you interested in taking the Level 1 Mindfulness: Being Present course?

One of the features of our Mindfulness Based Living apps is a selection of all of the practices taken from our Level 1: Being Present Mindfulness course.

This course provides an in depth experience of the MBLC course and is a wonderful follow-on course for those who have taken any 8 week program.

However, it is also suitable for anyone who is interested in learning more about mindfulness and developing a practice. We have trained thousands of people and have courses running all throughout the UK and parts of Europe.


Our Teacher Training Pathways…

Have you been considering exploring the option of becoming an MBLC or MBLC-YA teacher?

We have a rigorous, yet accessible, training pathway that follows the requirements set out by the UK Network of Mindfulness Teacher Training Organisations.

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