Jacky is the Communications Manager, a Tutor and Core Management Team member within the Mindfulness Association. She is a tutor on Level One, Level Two, Level Three and Teacher Training Courses, the Living Well to Die Well Course as well as having developed and led the new Mindful Body Course, combining Qigong and Yoga with Mindfulness. Jacky graduated in 2018 with the MSc Studies in Mindfulness, having researched the impact of mindfulness practice and compassion with family carers. She has also integrated mindfulness and supportive practices for the dying. Having spent 15 years as a senior manager for a large global corporation, she now dedicates her time to practicing and teaching Mindfulness, Compassion, Tai Chi, QiGong and Yoga, as well as being committed to her communications role for the Mindfulness Association. Key interests: Family Carers, Mindful Movement with QiGong and Tai Chi, Mindfulness for end of life, Mindfulness in Nature and integrating Mindfulness in business. Jacky is a tutor on Level 1 Mindfulness, Level 2 Compassion, Level 3 Insight, Living Well to Die Well, Mindfulness Based Healthy Living and the Mindfulness Teacher Training Pathway.