Free Audio Resources

Level 1 – Being Present

The untrained mind:  Audio
Settling the mind: Audio
How important are our thoughts: Audio
Guided settling practice: Audio
How to catch a monkey: Audio
Grounding: Audio
Resting: Audio
Guided settling, grounding and resting: Audio
Resistance and sleepiness: Audio
SGRS (Sound): Audio
Can I accept myself as I am?: Audio
Acceptance: Audio

Level 2 – Responding with Compassion

Enquiry on reflection question, ‘Do I want to be compassionate?’:  Audio
The main block to compassion:  Audio
Compassion wisdom and involuntary reflexes: Audio
Compassion and me: Audio
The price of compassion:  Audio
Chenrezig story:  Audio
Compassion reflections:  Audio
Compassion definitions:  Audio
Compassion:  Audio
Compassion four noble truths:  Audio
Compassion completeness: Audio

Level 3 – Seeing Deeply

Thought and thinking:  Audio
Thought and thinking2:   Audio
Energy follows focus:   Audio
Noble silence and 6 consciousnesses:  Audio
Awareness:   Audio
Projection:  Audio
Projection Part 2:   Audio
Forgiveness and resentment:  Audio
Atonement and resentment:  Audio
Interconnectedness: Audio