Through the MSc Studies in Mindfulness degree programme and together with the University of Aberdeen, the Mindfulness Association has been fostering a burgeoning community in the field of mindful research.

With over 350 students having moved through the program, there have been many diverse research projects investigating the application of mindfulness in a variety of workplace settings.

Moreover, The Mindfulness Association has also been conducting research into the charitable work of The Everyone Project: a project, which offers the eight-week Mindfulness Based Living Course (MBLC) to groups who are not otherwise able to access a mindfulness course. These groups might include those on a low wage or unemployed, poor and/or isolated elderly people, volunteers, carers and disability groups.

Also, the MA has and continues to sponsor various PhDs in Studies in Mindfulness through the University of Aberdeen.

Dr. Jane Kellock has just completed her PhD on ‘Living A Mindful Life: An Hermeneutic Phenomenological Inquiry Into The Lived Experience Of Secular Mindfulness, Compassion And Insight’. You can read more about it below.

Heather Grace Bond is currently enrolled in the PhD programme. Heather’s PhD is focusing on the potential role of mindfulness and self-compassion in Scottish secondary schools.  For her mixed methods study, Heather has created an adolescent version of the Mindfulness Association’s 8-week Mindfulness Based Living Course (MBLC), called the ‘Mindfulness Based Living Course for Young Adults (MBLC-YA)‘.  She will be delivering the intervention in a number of Scottish secondary schools in 2018 and 2019 in a quasi-randomised controlled trial.

Moira Harris is also currently enrolled on the PhD programme. She is continuing the research into the Everyone Project, exploring how the Mindfulness Based Living Course is experienced by marginalised and isolated groups.  Some critics of mindfulness argue it has become a commodified palliative that serves to “accommodate people to individualistic, consumerist, and corporate values” and Moira is curious to explore if the MA’s compassion-focussed approach might offer a more radical, emancipatory potential. 

Below, you can find a sampling of some of the research into the MSc Studies in Mindfulness, the MBLC and The Everyone Project…

Studies in mindfulness: widening the field for all involved in pastoral care
Graeme Nixon, David McMurtry, Linda Craig, Annick Nevejan & Heather Regan-Addis

The Effects of the 8-Week Mindfulness Based Living Course (MBLC) When Delivered to a Mixed Group of Health Care Staff: A Prospective Pilot Study
Ian Rigg

Mindfulness based living. An exploratory study with health care staff
Vida basada en el Mindfulness: estudio exploratorio con el personal sanitaria
Book Chapter
Ian Rigg y Julie McColl

Living A Mindful Life: An Hermeneutic Phenomenological Inquiry Into The Lived Experience Of Secular Mindfulness, Compassion And Insight
Jane Kellock

Mindfulness in the Workplace: An Evidence-based Approach to Improving Wellbeing and Maximizing Performance
Chapter Summary
Margaret A. Chapman-Clarke, ed

Everyone Project, Cohort 1. Quantitative analysis of pre and post Mindfulness Based Living Course data; initial findings.
Alan Hughes

Everyone Project, Cohort 2. Report on the quantitative analysis of pre and post Mindfulness Based Living Course questionnaires.
Alan Hughes