blankRecently, I had the pleasure of hearing Lama Yeshe Rinpoche speak about applying our mindfulness practice to our awareness of the environment. He spoke of mindful food consumption. In particular, he spoke of reducing the amount of food waste in our homes. He also spoke of planting trees, recycling and conserving the energy we use to heat our houses. As he spoke, my mind was quickly doing a ‘house scan’ of all the areas of my home that could use some ‘green’ energy. In short, I was feeling inspired.

As I was scanning my house, I was pleasantly satisfied that there were areas that were ‘green’. For instance, I collect my vegetable peelings for compost, I use Eco-Cover cleaning products and I recycle. In fact, my recycling pile was a mound of plastics and cardboard that had grown so big that it what threatening to swallow my children whole. (I quietly noted that I would have to sort this out) However, I also discovered areas that neededblank tending to.

For instance, I have a big, deep bath nearly every evening as a means of winding down. I also keep my house heated to such a degree that I can walk around as if it was a heat wave in mid -July. Perhaps, these habits were a bit excessive?? What I did know is that these habits were definitely areas of my house that could use some green- loving- attention.


So, I have decided that for the month of March, I will refrain from hitting that heating switch at every chill that I feel. Instead, I will put on a sweater, or wrap a shawl around my shoulders. (They are pretty stylish, anyways) Also, my nightly soak will be reduced to a weekend soak.

I am five days in now, and you know what? I have more time in my evenings. I am no longer busy, locked away from the family. Instead, I have picked up a piece of needlepoint that I started 7 years ago. I may not be pleasantly soaking in a hot bath, but I am enjoying the quiet meditative process of stitching, once again. My kids have even taken to sitting with me to share a chat. Best of all? My carbon footprint is being reduced. It is a win-win! I know it is early days, but who knows? I might even finish the cushion cover. 🙂