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It is my last day in India. We have empowerments this morning with Tai Situpa Rinpoche and then our teachings for this year are ended. This afternoon we have a massage booked and then online check in, packing and hotel check out.

I feel immensely fortunate to have received the teachings and to have spent this time with my friends in India in the wonderful world of the Leela hotel.

I haven’t ventured out of the hotel as some of my friends have for meals or shopping trips. I have enjoyed the peace and tranquillity of staying here.

I have a renewed appreciation for the fresh air, space and the green countryside of my home in Scotland. The air quality here is dangerous and the surrounding city is crowded and busy with hardly any green spaces. These things I take for granted at home are a luxury here.

The overwhelming sense of abundance that I am feeling is what will help me to face any difficulties I go home to. I feel like, and know myself to be, one of the most fortunate people on the planet. I also know that when I get home and day to day reality kicks in that I can easily forget this.

When I forget I experience what Rob Nairn calls poverty mentality – that things aren’t good enough, my life isn’t good enough and I am not good enough. In this state of mind every task is more difficult and takes more energy. Things become overwhelming and their significance grows out of proportion.

From an abundant state of mind, tasks are easier and take less energy. I can cope cheerfully with what is difficult. Things stay in perspective.

Therefore, my intention on arriving home is to nurture and stabilise this abundant state of mind. The key is to remember my good fortune, see any obstacles as an opportunity and apply my mindfulness, compassion and insight training.

So, if you are experiencing a poverty mentality, can you reflect on some of the things in your life that you appreciate and are grateful for? Can you bring to mind and be with your good fortune? Can you make this practice a part of your daily life?

I wish you an abundant week ahead!

Kind Wishes