I recently had the good fortune to teach on Module 2 of the Mindfulness Practitioner course up at Samye Ling in October with Heather and Kathy. First of all it was great to teach alongside Heather and Kathy again and right from the first weekend it was an easy prospect to be on the same team. Teaching with others certainly gives me a chance to continue learning from the facilitators I am lucky enough to be teamed up with. I am currently working my way through the list of Mindfulness Association tutors, to share some space with them and learn. After a session taught by another tutor, I often think ‘wow’ and pause to reflect on the real depth of experience we have as a team of tutors representing the Mindfulness Association. This makes me happy to be on board and part of the gang.

photo 2

This particular weekend often feels like the training wheels have come off for the participants, as their practice begins to establish some form of routine and they begin to face the reality of being imperfect.  For a lot of us, this is a bit of a relief! At this stage we can now really begin to see the importance of compassion and kindness for ourselves, and for me, the content and timing of the course material certainly makes a lot of sense in this respect. There was a real shift in the experience of the participants this weekend, as many of them mentioned, and this is really why I do the work. Of course I benefit from my own practice, but facilitating courses gives me the opportunity to pass on my little bit of experience and knowledge in the hope that I can be of benefit to others. So from my perspective, it was a great weekend and I hope that the participants got as much from it as I did.