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I have spent this morning staring at a blank screen wondering what to write and why it is so difficult for us to write about ourselves. I’m sure it’s something anyone reading this can empathise with, from personal statements and cover letters to personal blogs like this one, it can be really hard to get the ball rolling! Having just graduated with an Archaeology degree I’m more accustom to writing about long dead people than I am myself!

I’ve always absolutely loved Archaeology, and I think this really can connect to mindfulness. When you look at the natural world and consider the landscapes us humans are designed to live in, we are so intrinsically connected to the world around us. Ancient humans relied on their landscape for survival, and with this came a mutual respect between the natural world and its inhabitants. People saw the permanence of trees and rivers and the impermanence of animals and seasons this is something I’m sure held them more firmly in the present moment, where we today often struggle to be. If you’ve ever visited somewhere like the Salisbury plain and looked out at the ancient monuments there, they connect this great natural landscape together and its quite incredible. If you do find yourself in an ancient landscape, take a moment to imagine how its ancient inhabitants experienced it and what remains of the landscape they lived in.

I’ve known of the Mindfulness Association from when it was just an idea in Heather, Choden, Rob and Norton’s brains and worked with and for the company ever since. You might have met me at one of the conferences or received a membership pack sent by teenage me earning pocket money, you’ve also probably come in to contact with our social media which I have been co-running with Lisa for the past few years. I’ve seen the MA grow from strength to strength and know it to be a wonderful community dedicated to helping and educating people.

Newly promoted my new role is all about connecting with our customers, members and anyone interested in the Mindfulness Association. My position here is all about asking YOU what YOU want from the Mindfulness Association, how can we be better? Part of this will come in the form of a monthly podcast chatting with MA tutors asking them your questions and getting to know them, I’m hoping for this to be available on SoundCloud, Podbean and Spotify! I will also be working closely with the EDI team focusing on making the courses and MA content more accessible to everyone. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community and someone who is dedicated to equality and versed in how systematic discrimination works I urge anyone with questions surrounding these issues to get in contact with me, or any team member you are comfortable with. Additionally if you interact with the chat bot here on the website chances are you’ll be chatting to me, and I can always be found at the other end of so feel free to send any queries or ideas my way!


Hoping you have a great day, and looking forward to hearing from you.


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