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Recently I have been thinking about the energies we put out into the world and how this affects us and those around us. I think in this post-Christmas period which I always think is a strange time of year for everyone, emotions can be quite high. I find there to be a sense of ‘what now’ in the air as the season’s festivities are over and we each return to our usual lives. Many of us despite having time off for the season will have had to spent this time in stressful environments and now return to work feeling unrested and perhaps even unsettled. Additionally many of us will find that Christmas has drained us financially and now we find ourselves skint. With the weather getting ever grimmer it can all feel a bit bleak in January. I returned home from my Christmas celebrations with covid (Omicron).

I have noticed personally, during the week I have been trapped at home with covid my temper had become shorter and my retorts got much sharper. I found myself behaving in a manner I wouldn’t usually behave in and had to check in with myself to see where this was coming from. My conclusion was that I was behaving like this due to stress and a feeling of being run down, coupled with not being able to go anywhere. The idea of sitting around in the house waiting for our isolation to end was infuriating. The lack of control I had over the situation was really winding me up and it took realising this tension to actively let it go and surrender to my situation. I knew there was nothing I could do but wait it out, I knew I was feeling a bit disillusioned with a lot of things but there was no reason for me to let this affect every other part of my life. Often in life it is times like these where we are able to check in with ourselves and ask ‘is this behaviour necessary?’ are when we can really use mindfulness practically to improve our situations.

In the end I was just making myself feel worse by being tense and resistant to my situation however unpleasant it was. I had the option to make the most of this time and I had the option to be miserable and grumpy. It took me a few days and some crossed words to realise I had this option but once I did I took it and found myself enjoying my isolation a lot more. I decided instead of getting wound up and mourning missed pay checks from not working, I chose to appreciate the time I could spend with my partner, my friend who got covid with us and with my dog who I miss when working full time.

I think appreciation is certainly key to a happy life, appreciating what you already have rather than looking to what you don’t have. There is nothing wrong with aspiration but I think without the capacity to appreciate what is already in one’s life, all that we aspire for will not mean so much once it is achieved. It’s also important to be able to check in with yourself and be able to admit when your behaviour has not reflected a pleasant side of yourself. Putting good energy out into the world and treating those around us with kindness, even at times when it does not come easy, is one of the great perks of mindfulness and meditation.

In January I suggest everyone take a minute to reflect on how they are feeling, in and honest and open capacity, and to ask ourselves if we are acting out any unpleasantness onto others and if this is really necessary. This is not just a kindness to others but also one we do to ourselves too.

I have also updated the REST playlist on Spotify and YouTube and recommend this as the soundtrack for everyone’s commute/chores/regular listening for January as the music really matches the mood of kindness and openness I suggest everyone takes into this month and year.




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