Words of WonderAnd Be - Olga Bloemen

just to fall back on the grass
and be
just to fall down on my bed
and stay

to be just a being on this earth

my head objects:
there’s a life to be lived
a path to be followed
a skill to be learned
a friend to be seen
a change to be made
a corner to be cleaned
a standard to be reached

to see everything I could pursue
in this world
and to stay sane

to know all that could be done
in this world
and to choose not to


just to fall back on the grass
and be

by Olga Bloemen


How hard it can seem sometimes to pause all the worthwhile doing and rest awhile, actually present… which is different from the ‘taking a break’ which looks like getting distracted in some juicy social media or other form of virtual entertainment, however fun that might be at times. The ‘falling back on the grass’ version of pausing I know to be a deeper resting, one that is fully present and connected with the bigger picture where of course we can afford ‘to be just a being on this earth’, as that is what we are… and from there, newly resourced, it’s possible to turn again to all that could be pursued and done in this world, and to do the doing with joyful effort.

Grateful to my friend and poet, activist and grassroots facilitator Olga Bloemen for this timely reminder of what’s important in this life…



PS. If you’d like to practice the magical pause together, there are free and daily opportunities to do so… if would be lovely to see you there some time!


Photo by Nicole Geri on Unsplash