Words of Wonderunconditional

Willing to experience aloneness,

I discover connection everywhere;

Turning to face my fear,

I meet the warrior who lives within;

Opening to my loss,

I gain the embrace of the universe;

Surrendering into emptiness,

I find fullness without end.

Each condition I flee from pursues me,

Each condition I welcome transforms me

And becomes itself transformed

Into its radiant jewel-like essence.

I bow to the one who has made it so,

Who has crafted this Master Game;

To play it is purest delight –

To honour its form, true devotion.


Jennifer Paine Welwood


When teaching about the constant undercurrent of thoughts, images, memories, stories, tunes in our Level 1 Mindfulness training,  I read this poem as part of a meditation.   It reminded me about how we are conditioned by our past experiences and how we are under the influence of this undercurrent.  According to Mark Williams, “We have gotten so used to its whisperings that we don’t even notice it is here. And so, it shapes our lives.”

Mindfulness helps us to begin to see what is happening in the mind – and therein lies the gift of opportunity to change.

Wishing you Well


warm wishes