Mindfulness, compassion and insight poetry.

zen poem by ryokan

Zen Poem by Ryokan

Like the little stream Making its way Through the mossy crevices I, too, quietly Turn clear and transparent. Ryokan   Sitting by this little babbling stream in my mind’s eye takes me back to times when I used to cycle out of Glasgow and into the countryside, stopping and sitting by a wee babbling burn…

Mask - Dr Parween Pazhwak

Mask by Dr Parween Pazhwak

Mask Don’t give me consolation I’m ashamed of my tears Go without looking at me I don’t want you to find me weak Go And give me the opportunity To carve for my cheek A mask of stone To hide and seek.   Dr Parween Pazhwak (Afghanistan)   I recognise this feeling of exposed vulnerability…