Guest BlogsWords of WonderLast-Echo---Poem-by-Navin-Arora

Felt really quite excited as I headed to Samye Ling for the Mindfulness Association reunion weekend. Even the jarring potholes didn’t dampen my spirits!But I struggled…Unable to get into the practices. The inner critic was on full volume. By the Saturday morning coffee break I was ready to give up and go home. So I lay down at the back of the room, feeling very heavy and just surrendered.Then I heard the last echo and it all changed…A lightness, a warmth, less in my head more in my body. A playfulness woke up within me. Less serious, more connected to myself and people in the room.One strawberry in a field of strawberries.A few days later a poem appeared. The title is a two word anagram which includes a friend who helped a lot of people that weekend.Last EchoThe armour weighs heavyNo room, no beatWhere is the space?Can’t feel my feetThe battle is lostSurrender, surrenderLie down, let goMind, just wanderMelody to last echo,The silence is blissA soft voice within me‘Not so serious’The flavour is fullThe strawberry heart beatsThe body is warmCan totally feel my feet!The young soul is awokenThe I becomes the WeLess lonely, more connectedThe forest and the treeThe last echo is heardForgive and be freeThe drop is the oceanIt will always be We.



Our Guest poem is from Navin Arora

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