Latest Newseaster online practice days

Join Any or All of our Soothing and Nourishing Easter Practice Days from the 2-5 April

Time to unwind, time to nurture, time for compassion and time for mindfulness.

Time for yourself to relax, destress and recharge.

Topics include,

LOTUS HEART: Friday 2nd April 2021 10am – 4pm Led By Fay Adams

Begin your Easter weekend by connecting with your lotus heart, inspired by this from Marianne Williamson.”We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be?”

OPENING OUT: Saturday 3rd April 2021 10am – 4pm Led By Kristine Janson

Throw the doors wide open
and step into the enormous palace
inside of you.
Breathe into every space…
– Jane O’Shea

Chenrezi, The Great Bodhisattva Of Compassion Sunday 4th April 2021 10 – 4pm with Choden

During this retreat day Choden will introduce the compassion practice of Chenrezi. He will explain some of the key principles underlying the practice, such as seeing the world as being non-solid and dreamlike whilst also opening to the suffering of living beings with love and compassion.

Finding Simplicity In Our Practice Monday 5th April 2021 10am – 4pm Led By Alan Hughes

Finding simplicity in our practice is the key theme of this practice day. With our mindfulness practice, there can sometimes be a subtle aspect of wanting to entertain ourselves, or an expectation that with novel practices we might experience something “different”.  While different practices can be helpful at particular stages of our mindfulness journeys, there can be a danger that these can become a distraction from simply being with our experience, as it is. Suitable for more experienced practitioners.