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I have moved into my new cottage this week. It is a thirty minute walk from Samye Ling and under 10 minutes’ drive. I am warm and comfy in my new home, which has everything I need to live well. The move went as well as could be expected, my two dogs Holly and Nutmeg seem to be settling in OK, the boxes are unpacked and I find myself here in, what feels like, a new life.


People keep asking me how it feels and on the whole, I don’t really know, except that I am OK and grateful to have such a lovely new home in this place. I think it will take a while for me to know how I feel about my new life circumstances. It has been a very busy time and although I have practiced as usual, there has been insufficient time and space within which to process the change.


I thought it would feel like I was staying in a holiday cottage, but it doesn’t feel like that. It feels unreal, like I am play-acting a new life. I feel like I have been standing steady while a tsunami of experience has whooshed through me. A bit disoriented. I am curious about the new habits I am beginning to form in my new environment, such as where I choose to sit and the order I do things in.


Although, such a lot is new, I also notice that many things remain the same. And that is quite comforting. The routine of cooking and feeding myself and the dogs, getting up and going to bed at the end of the day. My supports have been my meditation practice and the familiar music I sometimes listen too. I am not sure how I would have finished all that needed to be done, boxes to be carried, unpacked, books put on shelves, office re-assembled without some rousing music as a support. Also, I am not sure how I would have coped with the sheer volume of things that have been happening without my practice.


My practice reminds me of the reality of impermanence and interdependence. Everything is constantly changing and mostly due to causes and conditions beyond my control. So there is no need to worry, just accept the unfolding and make the best out of what happens. Being able to check in with this reality during my practice each day has been a great support. My mind, which I am quite familiar with through practice, has not changed and feels familiar. So on the whole I feel quite content.


I am curious and interested about what will unfold next. I recognise that I hold an agenda wishing for a period of calm. I have a busy year, doing what I love – teaching. Sharing the benefit of compassion based mindfulness. As I keep saying, when people ask me, things could be a lot worse. In fact, I suspect things might turn put pretty much perfect. Time will tell.


Kind Wishes