Traditionally, October has been celebrated by poets and scribes for its vibrant colours and the moment of reprieve that stands between the extremities of summer and winter. It can be like a pause, a time to take stock, gather the energy and gradually make both an internal and a physical turn inwards.

These colours of October that are bold and beautiful can act as a daily reminder that life is impermanent and that change is occurring all around us. Each moment and each season is passing by, part of an ever-changing cycle- just like our thoughts. In this way, as we watch the leaves change and slowly fall, we can remember that all of our suffering and all of our joys are just like the leaves on the trees. They are born in an impulse, and if we leave (no pun intended) them alone, they will surface, self-display and then die and move on, making room for the next cycle.

country landscapes nov 2010 073 leaves

For trees, this next cycle is dormancy or a type of restorative hibernation, which we too can avail of and take the opportunity to ready ourselves for a turn inwards. October can act as time in which we prepare ourselves for a period of stillness in which we set the intention to develop our practice and marinate in the gathered fruits of the summer months.

So as we put away our sandals and pull out our woolly jumpers, as we start to light the hearth fires and get ready for long evenings indoors, we can dust off our meditation cushions and sit down to rest for a while. Setting the intention to restore and charge our batteries, our practice has the potential to lie in tune with the seasons.

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