Recently on my Facebook feed, one of those beautifully scripted nuggets of prophetic wisdom came through and caught my attention:

Practice the Pause

Oh, the pause… the pause has helped me out in so many instances. I don’t always remember the pause, but when I do I am grateful for it. So, what is this pause that we might practice?

It is the momentary internal halt that transforms a reaction into a response. It’s that instant when you can feel your body tense up in reaction to something and just as you open your mouth to react, or move your body to act, you think again- maybe I can take a pause and really give myself the space to respond wisely here. Or maybe you are feeling tired, or in doubt, or stressed- all of which can hinder clarity of mind- in which case, take a pause.


So, this week’s challenge is to slow down and Take a Pause.

When you are unsure: Take a Pause

When you are excited: Take a Pause

When you are exhausted: Take a Pause

When you are angry: Take a Pause

When you are overwhelmed: Take a Pause

As we take these pauses, we might try to notice how this affects our reactions/actions/ responses to situations that happen upon us. How does the pause affect our thought processes, emotions and even what is happening in the body…

Let us know how you get on!