photo-2I spent this last weekend at Samye Ling with Fay, Kristine, Jane and staff from the University of Aberdeen and our new cohort of MSc students. They are a friendly group  who are committed to developing their Mindfulness and Compassion practice with whom we explored the core sitting practice of intention & motivation, settling, grounding, resting, sound and breath support, and dedication. We also shared the bodyscan practice, memories of kindness exercise and daily life practice, including appreciation.

On the academic side, the group were introduced to academic writing, critical reflection on their practice and the formal discipline of referencing.


One thing that always strikes me during this first weekend is how quickly the group develop a sense of safeness together, to share their experiences of practice and support each other. The MSc groups are some of the most close and supportive communities of practitioners that I work with and it is such a joy and privilege to be a part of their journey.

The MSc is open to anyone with a first degree or equivalent experience  who would like to explore in a rigorous way Mindfulness in their work or in some aspect of their life experience. Any work context is relevant from acting to the oil industry, police to parenting, drug and alcohol rehab to training riders in dressage. People from many different walks of life join us on this journey, including from the field of health, education, business and criminal justice, which is part of what makes the MSc such a rich learning experience.

The MSc year end retreats on Holy Isle provide a grounding in teaching Mindfulness, which can be supplemented by a five day Mindfulness Association MBLC retreat for those who wish to teach our Mindfulness and Compassion based eight week courses to groups. Graduates from the program go on to share the benefit of Mindfulness with many diverse communities.

So, if you think you might like to join us next September, or there are even a few places to join this year’s programme, you would be very welcome. Please see here for more information:

-Heather Regan Addis