Words of WonderAsh-tree


Let your eyes fall easy upon me,

And gaze without intention or preconceived idea of what I am.

My shape is not me, as yours is not you.

There is more to it than that.

More to it than meets the eye, or the precept.

Think more of what I may be, of what I am not,

Or what I might become.

In this there is a freedom that belongs to every living thing,

Just to be.


Mike Pratt (2010)


What strikes me most about this poem is our innate sense of form and of who we are.

In our mindfulness training we are invited to rest in our whole being, and to ‘just be’. To let go of trying to do anything.  To reside in the delicious gap between thoughts where there is no concept of being anything.  And yet in that, we are so much more.