Kristine has been providing us with her wonderful Words of Wonder.  Duncan and I are inspired by this and have decided to share some of our favourite poems, and those of our tutors and members too.

This week we have a wonderful poem by Danna Faulds.  This was introduced to me at my very first Mindfulness session in London with by Mindfulness Association tutor Dave Oldham. It resonated with me then, and continues to reinforce the very essence of my practice.

Go in and in.

Be the space between two cells,

the vast, resounding

silence in which 

spirit dwells.

Be sugar dissolving 

on the tongue of life.

Dive in and in,

as deep as you can dive.

Be infinite, ecstatic truth.

Be love conceived and born in union.

Be exactly what you seek,

the Beloved, singing Yes,

tasting Yes, embracing Yes,

until there is only essence;

the All of Everything

expressing through you

as you. Go in and in

and turn away from

nothing that you find. 


We would love you to share your favourite poem and thoughts around it with us.  Please send your poetic contribution to

We’d love to hear from you.

Jacky and Duncan



Faulds, D., 2002. Go in and in: Poems from the heart of yoga. Peaceable Kingdom Books.