Words of WonderMoon - Gregory Orr

Has the moon been up there
All these nights
And I never noticed?

A whole week with my nose
To the ground, to the grind.

And the beloved faithfully
Returning each evening
As the moon.

Where have I been?
Who has abandoned whom?

by Gregory Orr


Yes, I can relate to this! When I come back to the bright freshness of this present moment, whether in daily life or during a practice, there is often that question: was this here all along and I just didn’t notice?? I can still feel a bit boggled by how far I can get lost in the rabbit hole of my own thinking mind – or as Rob calls it, my obsession with the content of my undercurrent…

But what a relief and reassurance that the moon – and this moment in all its multidimensional splendour – is always there, always ready to welcome me with open arms with no need for apologies or explanations. And no need for giving myself a hard time about getting lost in the trance either!

Whether it’s coming back in the middle of a distracted practice, or if my practice has slipped a bit and I find my way back to the cushion again, or simply when I stop and notice; it was I who did the abandoning – and I who can learn to come back and look up.

So let’s do it, let’s re-relax and notice what’s present, right here and now…

Photo by Ashkan on Unsplash