Words of WonderYour natural soul - Clare Dubois

Whether or not you know
that you are beautiful,
the flowers gaze at you
whenever you walk by.
When your heart feels like stone
and you’ve lost sight
of the gifts being given,
you are still held by the earth beneath you
and kissed by the breath of the trees.
When you’ve convinced yourself
that you’re hopeless
and that you simply can’t fulfil the role
that you were born here to play,
the sky is still whispering your name
and the stars are waiting for their chance
to sing to you.
You are wanted here.
You are part of this creation.
Let your hurts melt away in the waves
Let your cries be carried by the birds.
Earth, air, fire and water are the truth of you
and when you drop the veil
and open to the greater You,
you will find your fullness
in the valleys and the groves
and bow again to the sacred altar
of your natural soul.

by Clare Dubois


This poem came to me through Fay in one of her Mystical Poetry sessions, and whether or not I literally believe each word, there was something powerful for me in opening to the sense of belonging and being welcomed for who I am that speaks through the poem. Clare Dubois, the founder of TreeSisters, often points in the direction of our deep relatedness with the natural world around us, and the healing that opening to this can bring. So let’s invite the analytical, rational brain to take a little holiday for a moment, if it hasn’t already, and lean into the love that Clare senses in the world around us. What would it be like, to walk through your day today as if it was so?


Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash