Surfing the Waves – Self-Compassion through the Ups and Downs

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Join us for a varied weekend exploring how the art of self-compassion can be an indispensable tool, a refuge and a font of resilience. Learning to meet our inner world without judgement and with a kind attitude can be life-changing. We will be looking at fierce self-compassion, nature as a self-compassion ally, joy, equanimity, how poetry can teach us self-compassion, the power of pausing and how to give ourselves the gift of appreciating the everyday things.

Self-compassion can bring us greater connection to ourselves and to a sense of purpose and meaning. It can enable us to navigate relationships, anxiety, health difficulties and many other challenges, with more ease. Realising we have the potential within us to listen to and attend to ourselves with respect and compassion, brings a gentle sense of empowerment. It is an empowerment that is born from confidence – a confidence that we have some tools with which to meet whatever life throws at us.

The taught sessions will include talks, guided practices and opportunities for sharing. As an alternative to the taught sessions there will be the opportunity to attend guided practice session. Therefore, you can design your own weekend so as to meet your needs, with more practice sessions or more taught sessions, or a balance between the two.

As a member, you are free to attend the whole of the weekend or selected sessions from the weekend. We hope that you will join your community of practice in mutual support as we navigate the path of mindfulness, compassion, insight and wisdom together

This is a free weekend for members of the Mindfulness Association, pick and choose from the sessions on the timetable or attend the whole weekend, your choice. We look forward to seeing you there!