Connection through Compassion- Oftentimes, our default mode can be to turn away from the messiness of life: the sharp emotions, challenging conversations, the tiredness that interrupts our stride. Yet, when we turn away, ignore or plough on through, we can become disconnected from ourselves, as well as all of those around us.

What might it be like to turn towards our struggles and of those around us with an intention of care and kindness? Perhaps, we might just find the connections that heal.

We hope you enjoy our October calendar.

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Looking ahead to October Courses

12 October: MIndful QiGong on Thursday evenings

12 October: START MINDFULNESS HERE Level 1 on Thursday Evenings

20-22 October: MEMBERSHIP FREE WEEKEND – practice and teachings (Join us for just £10!)

If you’d like to try more mindfulness why not join our membership – it’s only £10 for a 6 month trial period.

20-22 October: Mindfulness Based Healthy Living Weekend at Samye Ling

30 October: Level 2 Compassion Online



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