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Online Mindfulness Courses


The Mindfulness Association offer all their courses in Mindfulness online. We have a 4 level programme for Mindfulness Courses online.  You can also train to teach Mindfulness online. We have a range of additional Mindfulness Courses and meditation practice days online which tend to have a theme. You don’t need any prior experience for most of them but for a few it may be beneficial to have already trained in Mindfulness so you can deepen your practice.  These alternative online Mindfulness courses include Mindfulness Based Healthy Living, Mindful Consuming, a 3 level Mindfulness programme with Tai Chi and Qigong, Mindfulness for Relationships and Mindfulness for engaging with the world.

Throughout the year we hold online meditation practice days which are an opportunity to deepen into an existing practice or as a taster.

You can also train to teach Mindfulness online.  We have an online teacher training pathway which enables you to train to teach our 8 week Mindfulness Based Living Course.  There are also options to train to teach Compassion, or you might be interested in training to teach Mindfulness to teenagers.

How do I start learning Mindfulness Online?

Your online Mindfulness journey begins with Mindfulness Level 1 – Being Present.  The introduction module comprises 4 evening sessions or a weekend of training online with one of our tutors.  There is no obligation to continue after the first module, but if you wish you can continue to complete 3 further online modules, either over 12 more evening sessions or 3 more weekends.  You will then receive a certificate of attendance and completion.

After the Level 1 online Mindfulness Course you can continue your journey online with Level 2 – Responding with Compassion, and then Levels 3 – Insight and 4 – Wisdom, if you wish.  Furthermore after completing Level 1 training you can also Train to Teach Mindfulness Online.

Who are your online courses for?

 Our range of Mindfulness online courses offer something for everyone.

We have something for you whether you:

  • Are starting to learn Mindfulness
  • Are already experienced and have been practicing Mindfulness or meditation for years and would like to learn more
  • Wish to train to teach Mindfulness
  • You already teach Mindfulness but would like to deepen and broaden your skills.
  • Wish to broaden your experience of Mindfulness into healthier living, movement, engaging with the world or in relationships.

All our online courses are aimed to be inclusive for everyone and anyone and are attended by participants from all over the world, from different backgrounds and abilities. Some people are seeking to find ways in which to ease their busy lives, such as becoming more resilient to stress and anxiety and life’s ups and downs. More and more people are recognising that an online course in Mindfulness can help them deal with pain or difficulties in life such as caring for a relative or coping with an illness.


What are the benefits of doing a Mindfulness Course Online?

There are many benefits from attending online mindfulness courses:

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Are your Online Mindfulness Courses Accredited?

We work in association with the Good Practice Guidelines set out by the British Association of Mindfulness Based Approaches (BAMBA).  Whilst there currently is no formal accreditation status for Mindfulness Courses across the UK, working with the Good Practice Guidelines ensures that all important standards, such integrity, Inclusivity, and humanity are met. This applies to all our online Mindfulness courses; online Mindfulness teacher training courses and all our very experienced tutors are registered with BAMBA and follow these guidelines too.


Do I get a certificate of completion?

You will receive a certificate of online course completion for our:

Level 1 Online Being Present course

Level 2 Online Responding with Compassion course

Level 3 Online Insight course

Level 4 Online Wisdom course

You will also receive a certificate of completion and ‘Ready to Teach’ if you are considered to have successfully achieved the necessary level in the Online Mindfulness Teacher Training assessment process.


Can I Train to Become a Mindfulness Teacher Online?

Yes, you can. Head over to our dedicated Train to Teach Mindfulness page for all the latest information.

Our online courses in Mindfulness Teacher Training caters for everyone.  If  you have not previously trained in Mindfulness you can take advantage of our Online Mindfulness Teacher Training Package, which will provide you with all the training you need, including learning Mindfulness yourself.

If you have already trained in Mindfulness we have various options to join one of our online Mindfulness Teaching Skills courses.


What is the best course for me?

Our Mindfulness pathway begins with our Mindfulness Level One – Being Present Course.  So if you are new to Mindfulness or have already done a little training, then this is the best place to start.  You can take the first module in isolation to see if you like it, before opting to continue to complete the course.

If you have already trained in mindfulness with courses such as MBSR, MBCT or Breathworks, you can check out our Responding with Compassion Course to see what you need to do to join the next stage of Mindfulness training.

Our train to teach page will provide you with all the information you need to learn how you can train to teach Mindfulness.

We always recommend our guided courses because you will benefit from being part of a live group with an experienced tutor who will guide you through


The Mindfulness Association Training Pathway

Our Mindfulness Training Pathway covers 4 levels of Mindfulness training. It begins with Level 1 – Being Present.  We feel that training in Mindfulness alone isn’t enough, which is why we offer a continuous training pathway, which provides ongoing training in Mindfulness through:

We then have an ongoing programme of courses and retreats so you can receive support and deepen your meditation practice for as long as you need throughout your life.

  • Our pathway offers comprehensive continuous training in Mindfulness
  • Our courses are designed to be experiential.
  • All our courses are guided with experienced tutors
  • Our courses are restricted in numbers so you benefit from small groups
  • You will meet like-minded individuals to share your experience
  • All the courses on the pathway are delivered online
  • Learning online is cost effective as you save travel and accommodation costs
  • supportive members program.

We also have a dedicated training pathway for training to teach Mindfulness on our Mindfulness Teacher Training Pathway.

We also offer degrees in Mindfulness where you can study Mindfulness, Compassion and Insight with our two post graduate programmes.


Online Introduction Courses

If you, just want to dip your toe in the water then why not try our Mindfulness email course and of course, you are always welcome to try mindfulness for free at our daily online guided meditation. You can join a group for free every day at 7pm and 10:30am on weekdays.

We also have a scheme which provides free Mindfulness courses to those who wish to do a Mindfulness course but does not have the funding.  Click here for further information.


Mindfulness for Life Courses

Our Mindfulness for Life Courses are less formal and the training not so intense as our training pathway.  Some are designed as a way of introduction to Mindfulness for anyone, and others offer an opportunity for experienced meditation practitioners to expand and deepen their knowledge and mindfulness meditations. It is also possible for Mindfulness teachers to attend these themed courses for their continued professional development as all the courses meet the UK Good Practice Guidelines (GPGs) for mindfulness teachers.

As part of the Mindfulness for Life range – we offer an annual retreat which is a perfect opportunity to give yourself some time to meditate with like-minded people. We provide a variety of courses all year and the themes are continuously evolving. Recent courses have included:

  • Mindfulness for Parents
  • Guided Mindfulness Outdoors
  • Mindfulness and Qi Gong
  • Mindful Consuming
  • Mindfulness for Relationships.

Some of these courses also count as completing level 1 in our training pathway!


Do you offer free mindfulness courses for Charities, CIC and Other Causes?

Through our alliance with the Everyone Project Charity, every year, free Mindfulness courses are provided to groups of people who might not ordinarily be able to benefit from a Mindfulness Course. Participants on these courses, which are delivered by a range of Mindfulness teachers who have trained to teach our 8 week Mindfulness Based Living Course, have benefited from these courses and report that are able to cope better with their life situations.


Many of the participants who have benefited from a Mindfulness course come from a caring background, are in rehabilitation from drugs or alcohol addictions, are struggling with mental health conditions, are managing to cope with domestic abuse or belong to the LGBTQ+ community.  Plus, many other challenging life situations. By working in partnership with Charities and Voluntary organisations, and supported by the Everyone Project, the Mindfulness teachers can reach out and offer their courses without charge.


Can you tell me about the benefits and what Mindfulness is good for?

Information about the benefits of Mindfulness and the increasing evidence based research can be found on our What Is Mindfulness page where we tell you all.

Our Mindfulness course participants have reported feeling less stressed, being able to cope a little better with life’s challenges, feeling more relaxed and an increased sense of general wellbeing.

Increasing research is being conducted in the field of Mindfulness, Compassion and Neuroscience and evidence is emerging to indicate that a Mindfulness practice may help to lower blood pressure and provide some relief from anxiety, depression, and stress.


Can you tell me about your inclusivity policy?

At the Mindfulness Association we are committed to inspiring behaviours of equality and diversity amongst our tutors and staff.

Everyone is welcome on our courses, and we work hard to encourage an environment of trust and inclusivity.

Find out more about our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy. 

Furthermore, to increase availability of our courses for everyone, we have a new scheme, the Widening Access and Supporting Diverse Communities Initiative.  More information on how to apply can be found here.

Everyone is welcome on our twice daily free guided mediations online.


How many hours a week will I need to be online?

Our free daily meditations are 30 minutes in duration.  During the evening session there is also the opportunity to chat with the tutor and fellow participants.

The Mindfulness foundation online course is covered over 4 weekly sessions of 150 minutes each, from 7pm -9:30pm.  The following three modules follow the same pattern, 150 minutes over 12 more evenings.   If you prefer you can do this course online over a weekend, approximately 8 hours each day with lots of breaks and a long lunch break to rest.

Typically, most of our online courses run over an evening session starting at 7pm or a weekend starting around 9am to 5pm. Our online retreats would also follow a similar timetable over several days.

We make sure that there are many short breaks to have time away from the screen to move and stretch and take comfort breaks.


What equipment do I need?

To attend our Mindfulness courses online, you will need a computer that has a reliable internet access. We provide a link to conferencing software called Zoom to enable you to join the course online.


Is there any homework

We don’t set homework for our online Mindfulness courses, but we do recommend some home practices and reading in between sessions or after the course. In addition, we find that journaling can be a very helpful activity to help process the learning.


Our online masters degrees in Mindfulness would have a completely different agenda, and therefore you would expect homework in order to complete and pass the course.


What’s the difference between an online course and an in-person course?

An online Mindfulness course involves joining the tutor and other participants through online conferencing software called Zoom.  There is the opportunity to share experiences with other participants in small groups and the course runs very similarly to an in person course, only it is online.  The agenda and content will be the same in each course, but there will be small adaptations online, such as plenty of breaks for participants to move around and take time away from the screen.

The in person courses involve one or two of our tutors providing guided sessions to a group of participants in a hall or room in one of our venues. Due to the gradual reopening of venues following the Covid pandemic, initially our in person courses will be held at Samye Ling Tibetan Buddhist Centre in Dumfriesshire, Scotland. Look out for updated information on our website.

We also have a range of online Mindfulness, Compassion and Insight courses which can be completed via email.  Once registered, you will receive 10 weekly emails with teachings and meditations via video.  These can be completed in your own time at your own pace. Find out more here. 


Have Questions / Get in touch

If you would like to learn more or speak to someone to find the right online Mindfulness course for you, please email  We look forward to hearing from you.

See below for our full range of online Mindfulness courses: