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upcoming mindfulness courses

You’ve landed in the right place to see our list of Mindfulness, Compassion and Mindfulness for Life Courses.

Here is our list of Mindfulness Courses coming up soon.


Tonglen Retreat Weekend

30 September – 2 October 22

Retreat Weekend at Samye Ling

with Alan Hughes


This weekend will be an opportunity to explore the Tonglen practice in more depth, starting with engaging with difficulties in our own lives, before moving on to doing Tonglen for other people. in.


Mindfulness through Movement Level 1

Starting 4 October

5 weekly evening sessions online

Online on a Tuesday Evening

with Jacky Seery


Bring some movement with the ancient art of Qigong into your Mindfulness Practice.  We deepen our awareness of the body through simple, easy to follow Qigong sequences and learn about the meridian energy channels deep inside the body.


Soul Food Saturday – Online Practice Day

8 October 22

10am – 4pm

with Fay Adams


This practice day will be an opportunity to rest and replenish. We will spend time reflecting on what makes us feel nourished, alive and grateful, while also giving space and kindness to any difficulties we are experiencing.

Mindfulness Teacher Training

Train to Teach: Level 1 {online}

14 – 16 October + 9 – 11 December

7pm- 8.30, 8am – 4pm

with Kristine Mackenzie-Janson and Jacky Seery


Our Online Mindfulness Teacher Training Level 1 course aims to support participants to begin developing a safe and effective mindfulness teaching practice.

Level 2: Compassion {online}

Starting 17 October

1st of 3 modules

Online on a Monday Evening

with Kristine Mackenzie-Janson

£450 for all three parts

Once we have stabilised our Mindfulness practice we begin to see beneath our habits and conditionng. Compassion and self-compassion practices especially help us to turn towards what we find with an attitude of kindness and acceptance  – toward whatever is there. By understanding ourselves in this way we can better undertand others, and meet others with genuine heartfelt compassion.

Buddhist Roots of Mindfulness Weekend and/or Retreat

Weekend: 28 October – 30 October

Retreat:  28 October – 2 November

at Samye Ling

with Choden & Alan Hughes

£150 / £350

There is the option of attending just the weekend or the full retreat. For those wanting to meet the BAMBA retreat requirements the retreat will meet these requirements.


Continue Level 1 Mindfulness

28-30 October 22, 20-22 January, 24-26 March

Over 3 Weekends at Samye Ling

with Jacky Seery and Rosina Morrison

£450 for 3 weekends

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