Words of WonderI-am-the-earth-Larry-Ward

I am the earth, even when I wake up crying.
These are the earth’s tears – the ocean of suffering belongs to her.
I am the earth speaking to you now, and you are the earth listening with your precious ears.
I am the earth walking through my doubts and fears and hopes and dreams and sadness and loneliness and joy.
But I am also the rain falling and the birds singing with joys that bless the world.
I’m getting washed all over by my tears and my hopes as rain continues to fall.
I am celebrating the miracle of every earth breath, every earth sigh, every earth smile, every earth hug and every earth touch of kindness that brings me home.
I am the earth, and so are you.

by Larry Ward


Another Earth poem following last week’s Earth Day, and like the poem I posted a week ago, it’s author is called Larry. This Larry is the inspirational Dr Larry Ward of the Lotus Institute. He is one of Zen Master/activist Thich Nhat Hanh’s senior dharma teachers and I am inspired by his deep commitment to social change, authentic practice and mindfulness in relationships, including in the book he co-authored called Love’s Garden.

The poem speaks of his deep relationship with the earth and the teaching that Thich Nhat Hanh also often emphasises: that joy and pain are not so separate and opposite as they may seem on the surface. Pure aliveness in all its various forms!


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Photo by ben o’bro on Unsplash