This week I have the amazing good fortune to be on retreat, with thanks to my husband and mother-in-law for the time. I have rented a cozy cottage by the beach on the Solway Firth. My husband dropped me off with my food for the week and I have the luxury of being here alone and silent!

My intention is to be present, accepting of whatever arises in my experience and compassionate towards the one who experiences. My motivation is to rest after a busy summer, recharge my soothing system and boost my joy levels so that I am able to skilfully do that which needs to be done, facilitate and support my fellow practitioners and go on loving my way through my life.

Caerlaverock-01.jpgI have some of Pema Chodron’s Tonglen teachings to read and to listen to and I have a daily practice schedule including sitting, yoga based Mindful movement and Tonglen. A daily body scan (nap!) after lunch and a couple of hours in the afternoon to write – hence this blog. Early nights and early mornings. No other entertainment, except a long daily walk along the beach and cooking (and then eating) plant based whole vegan food from scratch! Heaven!

Time to discover again that the only thing that matters in my life is what I do (or more importantly don’t do) in this moment.

The musings on my walk this morning were around how to make my day to day life more retreat like. Let’s see how I get on, but that’s for later when I get home.

Do you have a free day, or a free morning, afternoon or evening this week? If so, why not join me in solitary silent retreat. Schedule some practice, walking and mindful cooking or whatever it is that you need to nourish yourself this week.

Kind Wishes


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