At our Compassion in Action weekend, we will be launching the Mindfulness Association’s “Everyone Project”, which is aimed at providing eight week MBLC courses to groups who would benefit from Mindfulness but who otherwise would not be able to access Mindfulness training.

We have a pool of hundreds of Mindfulness teachers that we have trained to teach the MBLC. In addition there are many groups, such as young care leavers, carers, those who are elderly and alone, families from deprived areas and groups with disabilities or chronic illnesses who struggle in life and who would benefit from but tend not to have spare money to spend on a Mindfulness course. The Everyone Project plans to put trained teachers and groups in need of training together and then fund the teacher to deliver the MBLC to that group.
So if you areblank a trained MBLC teacher and want to be part of the ‘Everyone Project’ tutor team, this is a good opportunity to learn more about the project and to put your name forward.  Alternatively, if you work with or are part of a group who might benefit from the ‘Everyone Project’, this is an opportunity to explore whether and how the ‘Everyone Project’ might be able to help this group. We will set time aside for a matching process, between groups and tutors, and set in motion the first set of applications to run courses as part of the ‘Everyone Project’.
But if neither of these options apply to you, there will be time over the weekend to work
in geographical groups, exploring how we can move forward in our practice and lives, and work together towards the cultivation of compassionate communities. As I outlined in my recent email to members, we are often over-focussed and distressed by all the terrible events happening across the world. Here we explore how we can shift our focus towards doing what we can to make our corner of the world a kinder and more compassionate place. If we all do this, what a difference we can make.


The MA is donating an initial £15K to fund Everyone Project MBLC courses and is working with the Hart Knowe Trust to make applications for other funding that might be available for the Everyone Project. Our tutor Chloe Holmwood is taking the lead with thethRJQ5310X fundraising and so if you have experience of making funding applications and can help Chloe, please do get in touch.


Our resident researcher Dr. Hannah Gilbert will be collecting data about the effectiveness of the Everyone Project MBLC courses so that we can show how the MBLC course can help these groups flourish in their lives.


As a member of the Mindfulness Association, we hope that you will help us to make our ‘Everyone Project’ a huge success. Our vision is ambitious and we want to help thousands of people to benefit from training in Mindfulness so that they can flourish in their lives and achieve their full potential.


If you haven’t already and would like to book your place to attend the Compassion in Action weekend, then please click here.


I hope to see you there, or some time soon.

-Heather Regan-Addis

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