Words of WonderRSVP - Rosemerry Trommer

And why not be flagrantly happy,
really. The moon is full and rakish
and spring keeps teasing the morning
into taking off its sweater. By noon,
everyone is blushing. In the garden,
strawberries come up on their own,
their fearless white flowers
pre-wired for sweetness.
Who cares the weeds are already
releasing their onslaught of filigreed seeds.
Inside us, an open invitation to fall in love.
Inside us, the pluck to say yes.

by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer


A spring poem really, from the poet who writes a new poem every day, but I couldn’t resist. It spoke to me in its enthusiasm for life, its zest, its carefreeness. Which may not always be where I’m at, but on heavy or tired days, poems can – like music or nature or a good friend – invite us into remembering a different flavour of being, remind us of what’s also possible. A bit like that old analogy of remembering the sun shining above the clouds… the rain is still wet or the mist is still thick, but knowing what’s beyond helps in widening the perspective and remembering how everything changes continuously. And within, there is always the ‘open invitation to fall in love’ with the world and the possibility of saying ‘yes’!