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Mindfulness is a way of life and not a brief intervention for relieving symptoms. Our unique compassion-based mindfulness for life training courses cater for beginners, experienced practitioners and mindfulness teachers.

Scroll through our latest courses or use the links below to find the course for you. Our team have decades of experience and we are fully accredited with the UK Network of Mindfulness-Based teacher training (BAMBA)

Heather Regan-Addis

A word from Heather

It has been my extraordinary privilege to work as part of a wonderful team in the development of the Mindfulness Association over the past decade. I was fortunate enough to find Rob Nairn as my first meditation teacher and then I had the great good fortune to teach beside him for many years. My life has changed, beyond recognition, for the better, due to my practice of mindfulness, compassion and insight meditation and it is my delight to share this practice with those that I teach. My wish is that the resources on this website, our membership and our online and face to face offerings enable you to benefit in a similar way.

Heather Regan-Addis

co Founder / Director / Tutor

Featured Event

So you want to be a Vegan!

A unique retreat, which will explore how eating a whole food plant based diet is an act of compassion for ourselves, our animal friends and our planet. The retreat will explore meditation practices of rejoicing and compassion in a balanced way. We will practice and reflect together and we will explore the facts (nothing too graphic), share tips, have fun and hopefully become a more compassionate force in the world. And you get to spend a week in the summer by the seaside with some like minded mindfulness pals! And if you teach mindfulness, this retreat will meet the U.K. Network (now BAMBA) annual retreat requirements”

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Join us at the Mind Body Soul show

The Mindfulness Association will be at this years Mind Body Soul show on the 18th – 20th October in London at Alexandra Palace. The world is full of mysteries, amazing people, natural science and age old wisdoms. The Mind Body Soul Experience not only brings these elements together, but adds a splash of excitement, a…

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The Mindful Living Show

Join us at the Mindful Living Show 2020

Join us at the Mindful Living Show 2020. After the success of this years show and Chodens keynote presentation we will be at next years show and look forward to meeting more of you lovely people. Sign up to our newsletter or join our membership for the latest informaton and special offers. The weekend is…

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