One of the features of our 2017 Summer Conference: Mindfulness In Society- Changing The World, One Mind At A Time is a series of Masters Classes that will be run by our Core Tutor team. Angie Ball and Anna Zubrzycki will be delivering a Master Class that explores a unique blend of Compassionate touch and movement, a workshop not to be missed!

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Our winding journey into the awakening of the Compassionate heart is often challenging, difficult, yet surprisingly rich, deep and tender.   As we step fully into opening our hearts to ourselves and others, we realise that we are all Human Beings together in the messiness of life.

Join Anna and Angie in this Master Class on a short journey of discovery to deepen our experience together, both in practice and movement.  Through exploring our innate ability to bring reassurance, kindness and tenderness towards ourselves through touch and later meeting our edge by extending this towards others.

The session will give time to both sit and deepen our self compassion practice while extending this through movement, exploring the boundaries where self and other may merge and part.   In each moment we may allow and notice the ‘mud’ of our neurotic mind states, moods, and emotional experiences to ebb and flow.  We may open to our vulnerability, our wounds our hurts, our shame, while appreciating and rejoicing in our everyday life, our joy and happiness, holding all of this in our tender heart space.

About Angie:

As one of the Lead Tutor tutor team for the M. A., Angie Ball has had many years’ experience both in group and individual work in the field of mindfulness and in Tara Rokpa therapy.

An eclectic mix of previous practices and trainings has greatly influenced her work today, from Tibetan Buddhist studies to Transpersonal Psychology.  She worked as a relaxation and massage therapist during which time she served an apprenticeship with one of the early students of Ida Rolf, pioneer of a deep tissue massage or ‘Rolfing’ aimed at releasing body memory.

About Anna:

Actress, teaches acting and voice emission in Poland and abroad. In Poland, she attended for many years as an actress the Centre for Theatre Practices in Gardzienice (1978 -1992), she was also the co-founder and till 2014 actress at the Song of the Goat Theatre in Wroclaw. As a professor of voice and acting, she teaches classes and perfomances at numerous theater festivals, as well as many educational institutions in Asia and Europe.

In her work she encourages participants – actors, artists, performers – for the expression of body and voice. Practicing Mindfulness allows them to be authentic and courageous to build their creations on stage. She is practicing mindfulness meditation since 1993. Currently, graduate Mindfulness at the University of Aberdeen. On behalf of Mindfulness Association (UK) coordinates the organization of certified Mindfulness courses in Poland and she teaches mindfulness. MBLC and CBLC teacher.

Other Master Class workshops include:

Level1 Mindfulness/ Being Present: Fay Adams and Jane Negrych

Level2 Mindfulness/ Responding with Compassion: Kristine Mackenzie-Janson and Chloe Homewood

Level3 Mindfulness/ Seeing Deeply: Choden and Alan Hughes

Level4 Mindfulness/ Mindfulness For Life: Vin Harris

Teaching Skills: Heather Regan Addis

Buddhist Foundations: Choden

Engaged Mindfulness: Fay Adams and Kristine Mackenzie-Janson

Compassionate Touch & Movement: Anna Zubrzycki & Angie Ball


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