We have a beautiful
Her hills
are buffaloes
Her buffaloes
We have a beautiful
Her oceans
are wombs
Her wombs
We have a beautiful
Her teeth
the white stones
at the edge
of the water
the summer
her plentiful
We have a beautiful
Her green lap
Her brown embrace
Her blue body
everything we know.

by Alice Walker


Just a few words from me during a rich and fertile weekend on Engaged Mindfulness in Samye Ling, where Fay read out this poem. I’m again touched by the power of the earth connecting practices we’re doing, inviting us to not hold everything ourselves but to entrust our experience – including our worries and pain – to our ‘beautiful mother’ the earth who will take it in as compost in her vast and ancient self. And struck by the simple beauty of the ducks drinking water from the pond, the plentiful grasses on the rolling hills, the sharp call of the owls at night. Feeling very grateful on this ‘blue body’…


  1. Thank you Kristine and Fay. It was the most perfect weekend of connection on a limitless scale. I am grateful for your teachings and so grateful for the beauty of our mother .

  2. Lovely to get your comment Louisa, I’m so glad it was a positive experience for you. And I’m curious what might grow from the seeds that were planted during the weekend… Warmest wishes to you 🙂

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