Living Dreaming Dying is the name of an inspirational book written by our founder Rob Nairn who very sadly passed away last year. Rob taught and inspired many hundreds of people during his life and his rechings have reached thousands.

This month we have taken quotes and contemplations from some of Rob’s work to motivate and inspire us to go a little deeper with ourselves, our lives, beliefs, and motivations.

We invite you to reflect daily on these quotes, ponder them; how do they resonate?

Rob was a charismatic, humerous and humble teacher who devoted his life to teaching others after receiving instruction from the Dalai Lama to teach. Our systematic 4-level pathway and teacher training is founded in his expertise.

Rob was trained in criminal psychology and with extensive Buddhist knowledge he was able to make accessible the teachings, practices, expertise, and embodied wisdom that he accumulated over the years.

In August we will be holding a commemorative weekend in his memory.

We hope you find Rob’s quotes as inspirational as we do!


• • • • • • • • •

August 30th – September 1

Weekend at Samye Ling, Scotland


Mindfulness Association tutors will be joined by lucid dream teacher and former Rob Nairn student Charlie Morley. Charlie has been working with veterans to alleviate their PTSD with incredible results, using the power of conscious dreaming.

There will be an opportunity to share memories of Rob, led by Lama Yeshe Rinpoche and many of Rob’s meditation students including Charlie Morley, who will be leading a session on mindfulness of dream and sleep, alongside many of your MA tutors, past and present. We will also be sharing short videos or remembrance from some of Rob’s students. Please see Heather’s video below.

We are also developing some exciting gifts for those who attend the weekend (online or in person), based on some of Rob’s key messages – more details to follow…




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