Words of Wonderhow to breathe - Cleo Wade

today I am breathing through fatigue, fear, and
feeling overwhelmed.

I breathe because when I breathe, I am reminded
that I am alive.

I am reminded that to be able to fill my body with
air means that I have the ability to keep going.

I am reminded that my time on earth may be short
but it can be powerful if I dedicate it to love
and fairness.

when I breathe
I am reminded of Mary Oliver when she wrote,

“tell me, what it is you plan to do with your one
wild and precious life?”

so I breathe
and let my breath
turn into a smile that says back to her,

“as much as I can.”

by Cleo Wade


A millennial writer and poet, activist and community builder, Cleo Wade writes simple, loving truths that are reaching the hearts of many people. Reading a little on her website about the projects she’s involved with and some of her thoughts on self-love and self-care, I appreciate her wholeheartedness in wanting to contribute something positive: doing as much as she can. Yes there will be hard days and times when giving up seems tempting, but we can come back to the breath and find a centered place from where it’s possible to smile.

And how great to be reminded of this by people young and old, with different backgrounds and circumstances, who are pointing in the same, positive direction!



Photo by Derick McKinney on Unsplash